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Cheers buches

kombucha on tap


i love this bar.

buch is life. drink it everyday. all day. sip it. shoot it. chug it. when you’re having a sugar craving. when you feel bloated. when you feel sad or lonely. or when you feel happy, when you’re solo or with your friends… because BAR STAR BUCH creates community within community. happy hour starts now. cheers buches.


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want some?

are you a business owner of an existing retail brick&mortar space? do you want to elevate your customers’ experience by bringing in Bar Star Buch kombucha on-tap?

with pop-up shop options (evening/weekends) to temporary rental units and custom designed + built options available, you can dive right in or test your market first!


when the fear of not doing it is worse than the fear of doing it, that’s when you know that you just gotta do it.
— Suzanne Hampson, owner of Bar Star Buch
An experience like nothing else
— one of our regulars